Bumbino Loses His Best Friend has arrived!

Ciao everyone! Bumbino Loses His Best Friend has landed and is now ready for purchase via my website, or the publisher’s website, www.nico11publishing.com. The book is $20.00, which includes shipping, and sales tax. When you order from my website, I will personalize the book to whoever you want. A portion of the proceeds will go Brighter Days Grief Center, which is dear to my heart. To learn more about Brighter Days Grief Center go to www.brighterdaysgriefcenter.org to support their Heartfelt kindness to help children and families to Bee Hopeful!

Follow Bumbino and his best friend Piccolo on a heartwarming journey of grief and everlasting friendship. See the most beautiful color bees in Abruzzi forest and learn words and numbers in Italian.  Buzz along with Bumbino in a new black and white adventure for you to color. Meet delightful characters like Bumbella, Beebow and Bada Sting, and don’t forget to follow Bumbino’s Bee Attitudes page as your daily living guide.  “Grazie.”

Bee Blessed,
Art & Bumbino

Bumbino The Italian Bumble Bee

Follow Bumbino on an exciting trip with your children, as he buzzes along through the beautiful forest of Abruzzi, Italy. Share in the adventure as Bumbino struggles to make new friends and learn a few simple Italian words.

Get a valuable life lesson about accepting those who are different, and never give up on what you set out to do. Also see Bumbino’s “How To Bee Attitudes” to use as your daily living guide. I hope you have as much fun reading and learning from it as I had creating it.

Bumbino, Story and Illustrations by Art Manno

Watch Bumbino then buy the books!

Bumbino The Italian Bumble Bee

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Bumbino is a young bumblebee. All he wants to do is explore and make some new friends. As he flies over the beautiful Abruzzi Forest in Italy, Bumbino learns some Italian phrases. While learning to communicate is important, what Bumbino really wants is to make some new friends to play with. Each little animal that he encounters is frightened by his presence. They have been told that bumblebees are dangerous and they can sting. Bumbino is a sad little bumblebee until he meets a young skunk who is shunned for his smell. All goes right when Bumbino saves the life of a baby bird, stinging the predator and scaring it away. Now everyone thinks Bumbino is a hero and they all want to be his friend.

We are all born different and author Art Manno has created a delightful story in Bumbino: The Italian Bumble Bee that explores some of these differences, and how it’s important to overlook them and accept all life for what it is. There is value in each and every one of us and this is a valuable lesson for children to learn. The book also teaches a little bit of Italian and there are some Bumbino messages, some “Bumbino How to Bee Attitudes” at the end to remind children to “Bee Nice, Bee Kind, Bee Helpful, Bee Good,” etc. This is a beautiful story with wonderful illustrations, teaching young readers the importance of accepting differences. There is also a bonus section at the end including some pages for young readers to color in themselves.