Book 1: Bumbino The Italian Bumble Bee by Art Manno

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“Bumbino: The Italian Bumble Bee is an entertaining tale about a bumble bee making his way through an Italian forest, making friends and finding inner strength. The illustrations are beautifully done with bright colors that make the characters come alive. While the story is in English, Italian words are sprinkled throughout, in a way that children can understand. When reading to your children or grandchildren, you can have some fun learning words like “andiamo” and “Ciao”. The highlight of the book is the “Bee Attitudes” – lessons on how to live life as you grow up. -Lucille Keating

Bumbino for Teachers – Bee Attitudes Poster Available

Book 2: Bumbino Loses His Best Friend by Art Manno

Bumbino Loses His Best Friend

In Memory of Ruth Jones. Beloved daughter of Ben and Elizabeth Jones.

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